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buy cannabis seeds
Before you dive into a random purchase you should read this easy to follow guide. Why? I hear you ask. If you have not noticed already there are thousands of different strains you can purchase in seed form. The different brands is a never ending list from world renown to basement projects. If you want high quality genetics then you need to follow our checklist before you buy cannabis seeds. So let us get down to it, here are some quick tips to help you buy cannabis seeds that are of the highest quality.

Are the popular brand names the best?

No, which is a shock to many. There are breeders that have been in the game a long time yet their seeds are poor quality and they only are well known because of the money they put into advertising, not so much for the cannabis seeds that they are offering! A quick browse on many popular forums will uncover the truths about some of these well known breeders with a long list of unhappy growers. However due to legalities of seedbanks not being able to grow and check the seeds they sell, it is down to the legal medicinal growers to find out the hard way. This is why finding legit feedback on third party sources is so crucial.

sure, they might have a nice product description and image, but batches of cannabis seeds come and go, are the current ones they same quality as before? This is why you want to stick to the tried and tested brands that keep a high quality control over their operation.

What cannabis seed bank should you use?

Another game changer! There are many parts of your purchase that you would expect the shop to fulfil, such as discreet shipping. But, shock horror, not all of them give such an obvious service. I would not personally concern myself too much with pricing as cheap is not always the way to go. Cheaper options can be just as good or better, but when buying cannabis seeds I would not care too much about spending a little more. After all, just viewing a seed does not tell you much about the genetics it is holding inside.

Here are some good places to buy cannabis seeds

Now as serious as this guide is, it is not meant to scare anyone off their purchase! You should just be aware of the points that I have made. A popular website to buy cannabis seeds is https://www.kingkayaseeds.com/ – They cover most of the globe so no matter where you are searching from, you should be in luck. However I hear that some places need to use Bitcoin if the Debit / Credit card options is missing for their country. UK and Europe can pay by card.

What else should you know?

Collecting cannabis seeds is very fun and you should indulge in all of the incredible flavours and varieties on offer. If you are like me, you will end up buying more cannabis seeds than you intended too!
cannabis seeds