Quick update on a few types of cannabis seeds

So you may already have heard, but a few posts have been made which include some really useful information of a few select types of cannabis seeds. The articles were posted on Hostgator who have covered cannabis a few times in the past but do not often do it.

cannabis seeds

This article on cheap cannabis seeds was made about a week ago and includes information on price ranges and a few websites where you can buy them, that you may not of heard about before. A few sneaky methods are included on using big marketplace shops to obtain them for even lower prices!

The second post was about high yielding seeds and was not the normal stuff by a long shot! Even those who have been purchasing cannabis seeds with high yield traits can learn a little bit of this article, it is very much worth reading regardless of your experience in the field.

The last article I wanted to share was about fast flowering seeds. Not only did they cover the normal (where to buy them), but some tactics and methods for speeding up any cannabis strain is included, making this post worth your time!


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