The ultimate guide to Blue Widow Seeds

blue widow seeds

Blue Widow Cannabis Seeds – A Complete Guide

Blue Widow is a cannabis strain largely appreciated by growers around the world as it exhibits the combination of outstanding qualities coming from both its parents. It delivers the effects and speed of the famous White Widow and the presence of Blueberry.

It is a feminised cannabis seed regarded as a jewel in the international marijuana market and leaves its mark wherever it goes.

Originally created by Dinafem Seeds, the Blue Widow cannabis strain is obtained by crossing Blueberry and White Widow to result in a hybrid that provides uplifting and calming benefits to the users.

In this guide, we take a closer look at the various aspects of Blue Widow cannabis seeds to help growers learn more about the strain and understand what they can expect.


Blue Widow cannabis seeds are a balanced hybrid that exhibits interesting properties for which growers admire it. It is a feminized Indica/Sativa cannabis strain obtained by cross-breeding a White Widow and a Blueberry, two heavyweights with rich and complex features. The mix has resulted in a high-quality 50/50 hybrid rated highly by experts in the industry.

The soothing cannabis strain contains THC levels in the range 12-17%, giving effective high without being too strong. The CBD content is about 0.3 percent. This hybrid is a great choice for baking and cooking. It is largely used in edibles because of its fruity flavour that adds taste to desserts. Blue Widow is also known by the names Berry White, Blue Venom and White Berry.

blue widow strain


Blue Widow cannabis seeds produce beautiful, stable, sturdy plants that yield big, compact buds in a dense layer of trichomes coating the flowers with crystals.

Buds are green in colour with orange hair and show a purple, blue or red hue when the night temperature drops during the flowering stage.


Suitable for growers of all the levels, Blue Widow allows obtaining an abundant crop if the right conditions are provided. The key is to make sure it gets a balanced diet with proper lighting, cleanliness and ventilation. As it grows vigorously, any inexperienced grower can obtain amazing results.

When grown indoors with an effective method, it grows in a short time of about 50-55 days. For outdoor cultivation, it needs temperate, Mediterranean climate and greenhouse protection. It gets ready for harvest in early to mid October.

It can thrive well in any kind of weather, so you need not worry if you live in a humid area. It also has a good mould resistance, but you should take care in the final weeks as the buds grow really dense.


Blue Widow seeds produce high-quality, generous yield of bulky buds coated in thick layers of white resin. The average yield of this plant is 525g/sq. M for indoor cultivation and 1100g/plant when these plants grow up to 3 metres tall in October in the outdoors.

While these figures are officially given by the seed producer, home growers can see different results depending on their equipment, quality of seeds and experience.

Aroma & Flavour

This cannabis strain is popular for its seductive aroma which changes to a great extent when it goes from the vegetative to the flowering stage. So, you should remember that the smell the plants release at the beginning has nothing to do with the final aroma. Once the buds ripen, they exhibit a strong, sweet, fruity and complex aroma.

The strain inherits its aroma from its parents and can fill your room with a strong scent of blueberry mixed with earthy, pine, sour and ammonia which turn fruity and sweet as it enters the nose. Blue Widow is known for its special flavour that makes it popular for making edibles.

The flavour comes from its parents with a sweet taste of berries combined with a fruity chewing gum. The slightly spicy touch is what entices and delights the keenest smokers.

blue widow


The effect of Blue Widow strain can be described as powerful, physical, long-lasting, cerebral and balanced. It starts with a stimulating, psychedelic high that gets relaxing as time passes.

Due to its low THC content, the strain provides a subtle high that novice users prefer. It gives you a feeling of relaxation and stress-relief without getting you locked in the couch.

The hybrid keeps you clear headed and uplifts you to engage in some creative jobs. You can get a lot of things done instead of getting sluggish like with other strains.

It can, however, instil euphoria that gets you laughing in joy and feeling light-headed at times. The overall journey is a pleasant one and not trippy.

Medical Benefits

The popularity of Blue Widow is growing in the medical world slowly because of its therapeutic effects. It can be used to treat cramps, pain, headache and muscle aches. It works as a medicine for insomnia, appetite loss and chronic stress and can be prescribed to novices because it is not as strong as other hybrid strains.

Though not high in CBD content, this strain can help patients deal with the effects of chemotherapy by relieving nausea and boosting appetite. It also works for anxiety, stress, depression and migraine headaches. Patients would appreciate this strain if they are looking for some relaxation and relief from symptoms while staying focused.

Blue Widow cannabis seeds are a great choice for any enthusiast grower who wants a generous yield in a short time. This stable strain results in dense crops with beautiful plants and resinous leaves. It can be grown indoors and outdoors though indoor cultivation gives better results with the right methods.

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