The Best Cannabis Seeds Affiliate Program in 2020

cannabis seed affiliate program

As more and more state governments across America make the move to (the very least) decriminalize marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes we have seen the cannabis industry explode almost overnight. Already a multibillion dollar a year industry, the experts believe that things are only going to get bigger and better for cannabis businesses in the years to come – especially if the federal government makes a move to decriminalize marijuana and cannabis products (something that they are under great pressure to do sooner rather than later).

Affiliate programs in general are becoming more and more popular, even small websites can earn well. From clothing websites to cannabis sites, every niche can profit.

All of this opportunity has people around the country looking to jump on board cannabis seeds affiliate programs so that they can start their own cannabis based businesses. Of course, finding the right one to partner with is a big piece of the success puzzle and that’s what we’ve put this quick guide together to help you with.

Highlighting the Top Cannabis Affiliate Programs for 2020

Sticky Seeds

Sticky Seeds is the most popular cannabis seeds affiliate program out there. For the most attractive parts of membership with this platform is the ability to offer more than 100 different individual strains of cannabis – as well as a bunch of mixes, hybrids, and collections as well.

The reputation that this seed supplier has in the industry is second to none as well, making it very easy for new affiliates to get up and running in a hurry. The affiliate commissions get as high as 20% here, with plenty of potential to make hundreds if not thousands of dollars each month very quickly.

The real allure of this particular cannabis seed shop (and a big part of why its cannabis seeds affiliate program has been so successful) is the bulk and wholesale pricing structure of this shop, a pricing structure that guarantees customers get some of the lowest prices possible on top-tier cannabis seeds in big quantities.

Also headquartered out of UK, customers will be able to purchase a variety of cannabis seeds and CBD products directly with prices that are tough to beat anywhere else. Want to sign up? Visit the website here.

Deciding on the right Seed bank affiliate programs

At the end of the day, making money in the world of cannabis – even without having a traditional cannabis business – becomes a lot easier when you sign up for a cannabis seeds affiliate program.

The option we highlighted above give you the best chance to make a mountain of money in this growing industry without a lot of headache, without a lot of hassle, and with next to no startup costs whatsoever.

It doesn’t get much better than that!

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